Hello! Welcome to Bits and Pieces, a blog to chronicle my search for menu inspirations with my girlfriend (we won’t be sharing our personal info just yet).

In August 2016, I opened a small food stall.  My menu have constantly been evolving.  In our pursuit to improve our menu and my desire to become a better cook (I am not formally trained in any culinary capacity), I need more ideas and new inspiration.

This blog will mainly be here to help me decipher and reflect on the specific menu items of the restaurants or food establishments we try, our secondary purpose (for people who does come across our blog and decide to read and follow us) will be rating and giving our feedback, but the feedback will mainly be on the food or menu items that we try and not the establishment itself.

A short guide for our rating system will be included on every post, but I will still share it here.

  • No rating – The food did not make us want to come back and try the other items on the menu. This does not mean the food was bad though.
  • 1 star rating – The items we ordered was interesting enough to make us want to come back and try the other items if we were in the immediate area.
  • 2 star rating – The food merits a detour
  • 3 Star rating – This will be our highest rating and it means that the food is well worth going out of our way to try their other menu selection or even just come back for the food we ate.

Although we will mainly focus on the taste and how they are being presented, we will share our thought on establishments with noticeable service (good or bad).

We hope you enjoy reading and thank you for stopping by.